Do you see yourself as a leader?
Is innovation and social change important to you?
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Leadership Mission

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Community
and our Jewish Future

january 2022

Triumph Program

We invite you to be part of a unique and elite team working together to bring technological solutions to ensure a bright Jewish future. This winter the Triumph League will be held in two parallel programs, a US based team and an Israeli based team. Both teams will join forces to create and produce the next social start-ups!

Together with our former Triumph participants, we have built a fascinating and empowering program for a select number of talented college graduates,who are pursuing careers in technology, marketing and communications.


  • A carefully selected group will join a 3 month long, weekly, Zoom based course with business people, innovators and influencers.
  • You will be given up to date insights into current challenges facing the Jewish People, tools for innovation, mentorship, exposure to major influencers, funding for start-up ideas, and a community of like minded thinkers to work with.
  • (Covid permitting) You will have a powerful week long experience with your Israeli colleagues as you work together developing solutions to our Nation's challenges.


Develop the ability to make a personal and broad impact for our people.


Join a dynamic community of young influencers from diverse backgrounds and interests.


Use your creativity to conceive of the next major social start-up shaping our Jewish future.

Real Impact

Scale your ideas through an international network of businessmen and leaders.

Who Is The Program For?

If you are …

  • Passionate about making a difference
  • Ambitious, curious and visionary
  • Have a background in technology, marketing, new media
  • Alumni of ivy league university
  • Between the ages of 26-32
  • Dreaming of influencing the reality around you
  • Eager to strengthen the connection between World Jewry and Israel
  • Technologically oriented

Then you belong with us!

About us

The Triumph Leadership Program for Young Adults is a grass-roots project which aims to empower diverse audiences to take initiative and influence the future of World Jewry.

Triumph is funded by the Israeli NGO "Achkima" that collaborates with "Aish Israel"

Apply now
Triumph League

The program is heavily subsidized and is offered at an "all in" cost of $500

The number of participants is limited.

Acceptance to the program is dependent on a personal interview with the program leadership. 

Only qualifying applicants will be contacted.

For more information:

Please fill out the form to apply and, if you qualify, you will then be directed to a full questionnaire.



To enable  ambitious young men and women to acquire the knowledge and opportunities to navigate novel uncharted waters and become future leaders of the Jewish People.

Sundays in the early evening. The meetings will usually take place over Zoom. Covid permitting, there will be one weekend together as a group as well as a week-long journey with the Israeli team.

Participants will receive the exact syllabus at the beginning of the program. In general, there will be interactive discussions and presentations on topics regarding Israel-World Jewry relations, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation in the social sector. Throughout the program, the participants will meet with businessmen and key people from Israeli society and from the Jewish community at large.

The cost to participants is subsidized and has been set at $550 (while the full cost per participant in the program is $2500). The price includes all of the meetings and the experiential weekend. If the trip to New York is possible, it will include hotel and meals, but not transportation to, or within, the City.

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